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On Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Mornings, Jim grabs his coffee, or tea, and talks about issues that concern American Patriots.  The need to be truthful runs throughout all of the Dose of Reality's programs, and the JustJiim Show is no exception. 

Jim talks about Issues in the European Union, Socialism, it's Monetary Issues, to Agenda21 issues that affect each and every American.  And, an America that seems to be slipping away.

No person, or subject, is off limits on The Just Jim Show.  If there's a libtard to be called out, a Woodtick that's been diggin' in, or a Village Idiot that just needs to be talked about, Jim does it.

Jim always seems to have an in depth perspective that slips past the other homogenized news wires, and most of the other so called "conservative talk shows."  Both Conservatives and Liberals are exposed to a Dose of Reality on the Just Jim Show. 

Jim brings his unique perspective with added personal experiences tossed into the mix.  On the lighter side, there are always situations that beg to be bantered about with comical anecdotes.  Jim does that.  If you find yourself being serious about things going on every day, but you're still able to laugh at yourself and them, The Just Jim Show is right up your alley.  

And after all, we all know there's a difference between a Patriot and everyone else.  Don't we?  Tune in, Jim will help you figure things out.

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Compared to Lake Woebegone, where everything is beautiful with no cares in the world, Lake Wisheyebegong is a place where nothing works, our children are failing miserably, hope for the future of the American Dream is lost, Libtards - Village Idiots and Woodticks rule the day, and there is no hope for the future.  America?

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The Just Jim Show is a Viewer and Listener Supported Program


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